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Mandelbulb 3D Fractalists

Sun Mar 3, 2013, 2:22 PM
[Updated - July 19, 2014]

The list still exists - but it grew too large for a single journal entry -
See it below -  broken into two halves.

There are now 750 IDs on the list!

On the plus side, I have some room to thank everyone who visits & supports my art!


I'm still trying to find the right balance regarding Thanks, Faves, and Comments.

There are several goals:
I want to keep everything stress-free.
I want to have a relationship with the community & be supportive but not drive myself and others nutz.

Rule #1 - No Rules.
Rule #2 - Anyone, myself included, can Comment or not, Fave & run, Not Fave, Thank or not, Thank later, or any mix of this and no problems!

So, never a problem - I completely understand whatever happens.  It's nice to hear from you and I plan to Stay Relaxed


Journal History

MandelBulb Fractalists A-M

Here's the list of MandelBulb3D artists - A-M
Journal size constraints necessitates two parts

This set of lists links to the profiles of 750 MB3D Fractalists. The March 3, 2013 version had 484.

All of the artists below comprise a wonderful and talented community. I am proud to be a part of it. Thank you all for making it so.
The Mandelbulb 3D universe would not be possible without Jesse's brilliant software - Thank you Jesse!

The purpose of this list is to get an informal & rough idea of how many Mandelbulb 3D fractalists there are on dA.

The list is based on the membership of five Groups dedicated to Mandelbulb 3D:


I've also added a number of MB3D fractalists that do not belong to these groups.

750 IDs on the two lists

0Encrypted0              100sons                  11-73-3-33               2old4gamez               
3x3                      814CK5T4R                abbasy                   aberrantbehavior         
ABOMINOG-UA              AbstractedEye            Abstraqted               Ace60                    
Actionjack52             actionjosh               aereol                   aerphis                  
agent48                  Ajnariom                 AlbertGauer              AlexisDale423            
allthenightlong          Andrea1981G              AnnaKirsten              annemaccat               
Aqualoop31               arcadian7                Arkadius13               armourbunny              
artao                    arthurxII                Artistic-Futuristic      ArtisticLicenseNow       
ArtKangem                BrususArt                ArtWithoutPrediction     aRTWORKbYgnbARNES        
Aseryith                 AshpodThePortalFur       aspidina                 asydhouse                
Atabeyli                 AtticusBones             audre                    auntDevi                 
AureliusCat              Autus                    Average-Panda            axolotl7                 
Baddad                   batjorge                 beaudeeley               beeper52                 
bermarte                 bezo97                   bib993                   BillionNamesofGod        
bizcut                   BlackBirdsFeather        blacksoul7468            Blazemorioz              
BlueBillie               bluefish3d               bo-dion                  bogfl                    
boot-cheese-3000         BorisG4                  borosyl                  Bramvan                  
brasnacte                brianosaka               BrokenChaoz              brunopita                
Bull53Y3                 Bundestagswahl2017       bunnywithrose            bytedreams               
C-91                     cab1n                    CaffeineResurrection     Capstoned                
carbon111                carlahoon                carlx                    caseycole11              
Casperium                catelee2u                cgoa                     ChaosFissure             
chaotic-symmetry         ChasMandala              Chentzilla               chickenmilky             
chrisco97                ChuckF33                 ciokkolata               Clarojoko                
cloudlabs                Cluke111                 ClydeFrogDA              CMA3D                    
CMDRCHAOS                CO99A5                   CoffeeToffeeSquirrel     Coolok                   
CosmicDimension          CosmicKat                Coterabeth               CPMacDonald              
crazyaboutbryce          Cre8aRt4LifE             Crist-JRoger             crotafang                
CryptFiend               crypticfragments         ctq626                   cubicmicron              
D3mQN                    D3ST72                   Daeurth                  dainbramage1             
Damage619                dark-beam                DarkMask                 DarK--MatteR             
Davenwolf                davidmcbride             daxusflashlight          DDDPhoto                 
DeaconStone              Deadlock989              DeirdreReynolds          desdentado               
Dev0rous                 Devin74                  Digithalie               Direct2Brain             
DiZa-74                  DJDesco                  djeaton3162              DJRoberts92              
DKayCrafts               dlandi                   dogsdinner               donanubis                
DorianoArt               Dridon                   DSMeskalito              dspwhite                 
DsyneGrafix              dve72                    dwsel                    Eccoton                  
echosoflife              Ectoplaz                 Edo555                   egehlin                  
electricdawn             ElenaLight               EliseEnchanted           ellenm1                  
eMBeeL                   emiya89                  Enigmatuz                ErikBjare                
erwinrybin               Esko911                  EstylaX                  eugova                   
evoluzione               EyesOfAcheron            FAIA-Fractals            famorphing               
farnea                   Feeriee13                fengda2870               Fieldinator89            
Fiery-Fire               findzha                  FireSnake666             flyashy                  
flyinghitcher            flytier                  FomalhautB               Foto-Berlina             
Fourpillars              fraclick                 fractalbeke              FractalDesire            
FractalDust              fractales75              fractalfiend             fractalfractal           
FractalFreaky            fractalinda              Fractal-Kiss             fractalyzerall           
Fractart-DCStudio        FractKali                fractmat                 FractsSH                 
fractzxirus              fracvegg                 FracZky                  fragmentNull             
fram1963                 Francular                fraterchaos              FRATMEX                  
frawgzdezignz            fraxialmadness3          FreakofNature81          Frisbeegolfer            
Frozencapsule            FunkMastaYoda            FuTzo                    Galaxysurfer             
GalerieVirtuelle         gannjondal               gaoreji                  gateman45                
gedup                    geisty                   gelloree                 gem-bean                 
gentle-strength          GermanFafian             GetHighOrDie             gforce45                 
GhostReach               GhostWriterSociety       Gibson125                giovannigabrieli         
glaktor                  GLO-HE                   gmlab                    gobrain365               
Golubaja                 GrahamSym                GraphicLia               GraphicsTechnician       
GreyoneW                 GrungeTV                 guagapunyaimel           Guan-pued                
Guard-of-Stone           GypsyH                   hallucinia               HalTenny                 
HanZeeman                harryboy74               hck112                   HeartOfIchor             
heavymetalteacup         hektorcorporation        Hel1x                    heldenlama               
helice93                 helot                    HenryBR                  heretic-aaz              
HeroOfDisaster           hesamkarkas              heyday93                 HirurgUlic               
hmn                      Holzernerwelt            hotchiwawa               houstonaxl               
hubbabub                 Humble-Novice            huzhangdesign            hyakugojuuichi           
hyguy87                  hyperben2                hypnogoddess             IAmThatStrange           
Iamtoo                   ianjam                   ianjames47               Ichsehetotemenschen      
im1happy                 Imajicus                 imokurnot                ineedfire                
INITZS                   inkydigit                innac                    InquisitiveLexicon       
InsidiouslyJake          Invitro52                irongibbon               Irotha                   
isbutisnot               Ishamz                   J216                     j5rson                   
JadedIceStorm            jadenyc                  Jaffa-Tealc              JahPickney               
jaitsme2                 Jakeukalane              janhein                  JanRobbe                 
Jason-C                  jawoltze                 jccrfractals             jcGuarneros              
jedtown                  JeploR                   jerrymcinnis             Jethro-Q-Walrustitty     
jhantares                Jillianelf               jim373                   jim88bro                 
jimami                   JingleEngle              Jing-reed                jjkiefer                 
jjordan12                jmv74                    Jniemann666              johndarke                
johnnapiranha            JohnSimonRitchie         jondamon                 Jonx0r                   
joshpurple-Gassy         jost1                    jpjunk                   jtashley45               
JuanCarlosDeLaVega       jucarbi                  JulesAlbertPol           JulianRay                
julianreiss              Julie-Tronel             Juniae                   junkdogAP                
PrayingMantis69            jussayin                 justine613               Kaeltyk                  
Karkan                   kawardi                  kc267267                 keymastercz              
kimsmile                 kisamegr                 Klytia70                 knightkight69            
knightyFF                Knot-A-Typo              KoAltaiTeMaunga          kofferwortgraphics       
KPEKEP                   kr0mat1k                 krigl                    KRISTALIUM               
kronpano                 KrzysztofMarczak         lady-AquaLena            lala-yonjia              
lar3ryca                 Lashington               LaughingTony             LaxmiJayaraj             
lecristal                LeeEG                    leguen                   Len1                     
LeonieZurakowsky         LevelMan                 Lewpen                   LeXXe                    
Li3zGao                  LightBulbMoon            LikeJak                  Lion6255                 
LionardStoryBuilder      LionardStoryBuilder      Lior-Art                 LitaLuna                 
Liuanta                  LLFlash                  LMarkoya                 loboto                   
lobs2                    Lo-gi                    love1008                 LovingLivingLife         
LowKeyReality            lsergius10               lubman                   LuciferiusEX             
LuzFenix                 lymar                    mac2010                  makepeaceart             
MakinMagic               MalDudemaker             mandalamker              Mandelbulb-inthesky      
MandelCr8tor             MandelFish               Mandelscape              MANDELWERK               
marbrure                 marecaca                 mario837                 MarkJayBee               
Mark-Rezyka              Mark-Tamaro              MarysartandPhotos        MasterAlbus3d            
mateus84                 mateuszmorawski          mathematical-art         matrix2003               
mauxuam                  Maxfusion6               Mc-Gill                  mediphysical             
meegja                   mehrdadart               Melen                    MeLinFrance              
mental2500               merknu                   Metamodernism            mic-art                  
Michel-de-Lorient        MickHogan                MidnightFairie           miguelnpg                
miincdesign              mikey1964                mikitosevski             milleniumsentry          
mindset43                MindsEye69               MindStep                 MissTfied                
M-i-t-c-h-e-l               mjdezo                   monochant                montag451                
moonhigh                 morbidorbits             MPalacios                MrAries23                
Mr-Bastos                mrdeforrest              Muld48                   mutequacky               

MandelBulb Fractalists N-Z

nachoriesco              Naviretlav               Ncmprhnsbl               nebula32                 
nelson1990               nemitode                 neoshamballa             newbie23d                
NewSoulImploaded         NGC292                   nic022                   Nietoshka                
Nigel-1                  NightmareTF              nikitko13                NivelFish                
NoEyedSquareGuy          Nosciel                  Nostrabastus             nostrabot                
n-to-infty               NUListONE                okonik                   o-lucky-man              
Omega-Shadowcry          OncleJean                onirophase               oppenheimer              
Osipenkov                Oxnot                    P41nM4k3r                PaMonk                   
paradox8reality          PaulBaack                PeaceFrog777             peinturealuile           
PerAera                  PersistentAura           PeterPan81               Ph4nt4sm4ge              
philipbrunner            phoenixkeyblack          phoenixleo               PhotoComix2              
ph-roussel               piritipany               pixelcomposer            pixelfrac                
pixwizart                plangdon2                plantm                   VirtualContinuum           
pompidom01               pondcypress              Pontigary                popol4444                
poulpileclown            powerpole                PrayingMantis69          Preach-it                
Precarious333            PR-Imagery               Project-GammaRay         Prokofiev2               
PRSman                   psion005                 PsySun                   pulsar69fr               
PurpleChaos              purpleplane              QQ-Incorperated          qualesmith               
quartertime              quaternion1              Quie-Scent               radlowsky                
Raydianze                raysheaf                 rebeccaluke              reciprocated             
recycledrelatives        redbeltboxer             Redhed1                  ReFa1                    
ReggietwinkleKate        rfschenk                 RhaalDev                 RhysGriffiths            
richardbogad             richardPfeynman          rijkjavik                rmrossa                  
RockCliff                rockyrakster             RootMad                  rosemillenium            
Rowratty                 rubijn                   rueD                     rvallync                 
RV-TIDE                  rydena                   Sabine62                 Sacredvine               
sanjaybabaa              SaTaNiA                  SavannaW                 ScarlettInfinity         
schizo604                Schmiegel                SciFiArtMan              Scigor                   
ScottMan2th              scruffyone               SearingLimb              Sedeslav                 
seied                    Sekiro                   semenocatya              serdartan                
sethlebatard             sewer-pancake            shm84gfx                 shoughad                 
SidicusMaximus           Silberstreif1905         silencefreedom           SilenceOfStars           
SilentCicada             Silmarilias              silverb                  silverdragonrs           
singmus                  siriusstarsage           SjerZ                    SJS02                    
skulkey                  skyzyk                   slashiii                 sleeplessmonk            
snicker02                yoshimi9            Snow-Fx                  Snow-White-Qween         
SoberDreamer             SocratePazzo             solark                   somnl                    
SourSomethings           Spaghettitrain           Spamkiller               spangenberger            
Spikey-T                 SpinningAngel            SSossusvlei              Sstroitel                
stardust4ever            StarTrekOmega            STChimera                stebev                   
Steelsoldat              StellaTheStarDesign      Stereocyclop             Sternenmaschinebine      
steve19000               SteveAbell               Stillworth               StoerFaktoR80            
StrawberryBurns          Stuart203                StuKarver                SubtleC                  
SugarJen1                SuicideBySafetyPin       surrealista1             svenart                  
sweetmaryfractals        Swoopswatkill            synapsesp27              Szellorozsa              
t0leg                    TABASCO-RAREMASTER       Tahyon                   taiji-tu                 
Taojoe                   taurus66                 TazzyUK                  Technoutopian            
Tectix                   teddybearcholla          teleportsofia            terforpova               
TexArcana1962            TheAstro                 the-Eggy                 thehiddenworld           
The-Intelligentleman     thekeekee                Theli-at                 TheLivingTree            
The-munched-finger       Thenit                   ThePhilosopherStone      theradioactivecat        
theslider                Thumaszz                 TiamatHeart              tiffrmc720               
timemit                  Timotei-Robotics         timthecat                tina1138                 
TjeuvanBussel            tomlask                  TomWilcox                tonnytewart20            
TonyDemot                Topas2012                ToxicDwarf               trafassel                
Trance-Plant             Transistor1              transtorner              Trenton-Shuck            
Trip-Artist              TropicalCreations        trsor7                   trveviking               
Tsuriaino-Koshka         Tysel                    uglyboys                 ugnivers                 
ulliroyal                ultrareality             Undead-Academy           Unialien                 
utak3r                   vagabondvagrant          vahpall                  vaineduser               
Valdemaras               VanlindtMarc             VeganPete                veldor60                 
vepman                   vertebrae242             VickyM72                 Vidom                    
viperv6                  ViraA                    VitalGFX                 Vitaloverdose            
vmulligan                VolatilePlums            walkthecreativepath      weirdMushroom            
whateverscoolwithme      whendt                   wildekyote               wildwanderingirl         
Will3Style               willclark218             WilliamPilgrim           Wisko                    
wkke                     wolfepaw                 wolfwings1               wtdx                     
Xantipa2                 xCampollo                Xelyd                    Xenodreaming             
xKLUSiV7                 xXWintersDescent         XXXelgekoXXX             Xyrus-02                 
YewTree                  youbang                  Youroli                  Yrrebyam                 
YuryKyssa                z00reka                  zebramasklove            Zebucompany              
zezdar                   zhar-ptizza              zisgul                   Zlain81                  
ZoeUna                   Zooreka                  zozzy-zebra              zrosemarie               
zukuthegreat             zzzzra                   


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